Complex Joint Replacement

Joint replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces a degenerate (worn out) native joint with an artificial implant with the aim to provide relief of pain and restoration of function. Most commonly, joints become degenerate due to primary joint osteoarthritis that progresses over many years. There is however a large cohort of patients who develop joint osteoarthritis secondary to other medical or surgical conditions that affect joints. Some of these conditions are a result of developmental or congenital bone and joint deformities such as hip dysplasia, Perthes disease, slipped femoral epiphysis, Blount’s disease, epiphyseal dysplasia, osteopetrosis. Other conditions can be related to previous trauma, previous bone and/or joint infection, tumor, soft tissue insufficiency, laxity or contracture, joint fusion or joint instability.
The surgeons at the Limb Reconstruction Centre at MQ Health manage a large number of patients with joint degeneration secondary to polio, hip dysplasia, significant limb deficiency and shortening, hip and knee fusion, knee joint instability, severe limb deformities.
The main complaints of patients with osteoarthritis include joint pain and stiffness, joint swelling and poor mobility. This leads to deterioration in daily function, impairment in the quality of life, mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and social isolation.
At the Limb Reconstruction Centre every patient undergoes complex clinical assessment of their joint conditions to accurately assess and quantify the degree of joint deformity, stiffness and functional impairment. This process is followed by extensive radiographic examinations including calibrated digital X-rays, limb alignment X-rays, EOS scan, computer tomography (CT), MRI scans. A team approach is used to assess the majority of our patients and to formulate a comprehensive management plan. Our team includes orthopaedic surgeons, physicians, pain specialists, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists.

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